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Herb Padzensky, Ph.D., has a Psychology degree from Denver University, and has written several textbooks used for college credit. His best known, Goalguide, is part of a six-set, self-paced manual directed toward developmentally disabled instruction. 

In his early years, Padzensky left high school because of his reading, writing, and speaking disabilities, spending most of his life embracing the challenge by becoming a stand-up entertainer and educator. His love for all forms of puzzle solving helped him develop quirky, out-of-the-box thinking, making him uniquely suited to write intriguing psychological thrillers. 

Padzensky’s writing includes several one-act plays and short stories. RATS: A Ross Siegal Psychological Thriller pits university professor Dr. Ross Siegal against heinous villains worldwide. He currently lives in Denver with his wife Ro.

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