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Seventeen year old Ellen Gordon finds herself pregnant from her love affair with Kenny Johnson. Since abortion is illegal in the 1950’s, Kenny arranges for Ellen to have a back alley abortion. Horrified, Ellen confides in her parents and is sent away to spend her pregnancy with her parents’ friends. After the birth and adoption of her baby, Ellen struggles to survive the trauma. She spends her last year in high school suffering from severe depression. After graduation, Ellen enrolls in college to satisfy her parents’ wishes, where her roommate, a girl passionate about women’s rights, takes Ellen under her wing. Ellen finds true love in Jonathan Friedman, who falls in love with Ellen the first time he sees her. John does everything in his power to discover Ellen’s secret and win her love. But, will Ellen’s worst fears be realized when her secret is exposed? Will she ever be reunited with her child?


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available on Kindle or in Paperback



DR. ROSS SIEGAL STARES AT THE envelope containing what he thought would be the latest refusal to fund his cutting-edge psychological research. Instead, he finds an unlimited letter of credit from a mysterious foundation. There must be a catch. The foundation is actually a front for a secret cabal of world leaders, led by the President’s Chief of Staff, former Navy Seal Tom Danielson, who coerces Siegal to help stop a band of international terrorists, bent on using a deadly virus to control the world. 

As an unconventional behaviorist, Siegal knows he can outwit the enemy, but it means renouncing every aspect of his quiet academic life while effectively signing his own death warrant. Ultimately, his only chance is to partner with Danielson and go on the run.

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